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by Corofino
out of Gina Ginelli (Romino/AthletZ)

 17hh Bay Stallion, Foaled in Germany, 1997

NA/WPN (Dutch Mares only) SWANA (Swedish Mares only)


$950.00 USD Fresh Semen, LFG

EVA Negative, Vaccinated Annually

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Big and handsome with large kind eyes and a gentle nature, Coromino is a truly beautiful horse, both inside and out.  He has classic good looks with modern refinement, good bone, long legs and a beautiful neck.  He is extremely easygoing, cooperative and well mannered, a true gentleman.  Coromino is multi-talented for both Dressage and Jumping, and has three impressive and correct gaits suitable for both disciplines. A powerful hindquarter provides the engine for Coromino’s big elastic movement.  He is very well balanced and amazingly athletic.  Coromino exhibits a very free flowing effortless trot with an open shoulder and large ground covering strides.  Coromino last showed at Level 6 jumpers.  He even started Hunter work in early 2007.  Coromino is now retired from the show ring.  He spends his days looking forward to rolling in his


Coromino was born in the Oldenburg region of Germany in 1997.  He was licensed in 1999 and approved in 2000 at 100 day stallion (July 2000-October 2000) performance testing in Neustadt/Dosse, Germany.  Coromino completed his stallion test with above average scores, finishing in the top half of the group, 24th out of the 49 stallions tested.  In the Dressage and Jumping portion of his test he received almost identical scores, showing talent for both disciplines.  He received one 10.0 and three 9.0s; 10.0 for “Willingness to Perform” and 9.0s for “Ability to Work”, “Temperament”, and “Character”. Coromino excels in both Jumping and Dressage, as his performance test scores reflect.

Coromino is representative of his classic Holsteiner foundation, conforming to the traditional ideals of the breed.  The traditional Holsteiner is a bay horse often found with no or few white markings. He is well balanced, between 16 and 17 hands, with round, generous strides and a natural, elastic movement.  A lovely head with large, kind eyes is carried on a beautifully arched and well set neck, rising upward out of his withers, producing elegance, lightness and self-carriage.


Coromino’s temperament is just impeccable.  He is so relaxed and respectful that he walks quietly on the end of a slack cotton lead rope in and out of his stall to the paddock or cross ties. Coromino loves human contact and affection.  He just thrives on the attention.  Coromino has both an eagerness to please and work, and never tires of play.  Coromino loves: Eating (anything) & especially whatever YOU are eating (he has even eaten a Mexi-wrap with guacamole and liked it), playing in his paddock, jumping, trailer rides, back & belly scratches, daily wormer (odd, but true), his all natural supplements (even eating them alone, again odd, but true), Jolly Balls, rolling, and his best friend Routinier.


  • Won the 5 year old Jumper Classic at the Oaks Beach Cities show, rider Damian Gardiner
  • Placed Third in 5 year old Jumper Classic at Oaks Spring Classic show, rider Damian Gardiner
  • Multiple placings Raleigh Jumper Show, November 2005, rider James Prettyman.
  • Multiple top placings (all above 5th place in classes with 100+ horses ) in Ocala HITS February 2006.

In remainder of 2006, Coromino continued showing in jumpers and re-started dressage work.





Corofino (Holst)








Cor de la Bryere

(Ang. N)

Rantzau xx

Quenotte (Ang. N)



Capitol (Holst)

Kuerette (Holst)


Valeska IV




Farnese (Holst)

Coconella (Holst)



Lord (Holst)

Golda (Holst)


Gina Ginelli (Holst)











Raimond (Holst)

Valine Z (Holst)



Moltke I (Holst)

Zaffa (Holst)


Zarah IV


Athlet Z


Alme Z (Ang. N)

Golfamt (Hann)



Wahnfried (Holst)

Weisse Rose (Holst)

  Coromino/LandorS/Contender 8 year old Jumper



 “I have liked this stallion ever since I paid a visit to GW Ranch. a couple years ago. I could not get him off my mind. Perfect type, perfect temperament, and talented to boot.  .… [I] have sent a number of people to him when I thought our stallions were not the right match.  As a matter of fact, whenever someone asks me about jumper stallions in North America other than Iroko, Judgement and Coromino are always the first two names to come out of my mouth . . . And, have no fear, fellow Dutch horse enthusiasts; Coromino fits into our Dutch breeding program. He may be an Oldenburg approved stallion, but think about the influence that the horses in his pedigree have had on Dutch breeding . . . [This] horse will be a dressage super star on top of his success as a young jumper" - Scot Tolman

Uploaded: 6/17/2008

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