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I am sure you are SO interested in learning more "ABOUT" Heritage Manor, our staff, and of course, Me....  Yeah, that is what I figured.  So I am NOT going to waste your time giving you useless information and instead I thought I would use this space to give you USEFUL information (what a novel idea.)  Maybe someday  I will get the courage to post a real "About" page... don't hold your breath.

Articles, Advice & Useful Links 

Heard about Immunall?  What is it? How does it work?  Here is the link for equine breeding information on Immunall .   We can supply you with this product at our COST if you wish to try it.

Click here for information on Breeding a Mare with Transported Semen (via Artificial Insemination)

Might seem like these are well known facts, but always good to remember, Click here for Vet/Owner Safety: Working Around Horses

Lots of breeding info & articles Equine Estates Library- Breeding  A few articles within... Breeding Soundness  Regulating Estrus  Cycle Primer

So What is a Warmblood Horse? Sadly there is a lot of confusion about & misuse of this term.  Here are some sites with accurate information:   Sonesta Farms- WB Info     Long Greyline Farm-What is a WB?   EquiWorld-German Breeds   Wikipedia-Warmbloods    Elk Run Farm- What is a WB?    Suite 101- The Warmbloods    WB Whisper Article    Rivervale Farm Articles-WB  


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